Customer’s Rides

If you purchased a plate from me and want your Car, Truck or Motorcycle on the site, send me a picture of your Ride with the plate.

I am fortunate to have the Greatest Customers !!!!

Tim Kinslow’s 1961 Falcon. Yeh it’s a Sleeper !



Jim Winters 1964 Ducati. That has to be a blast to ride !


Jay Bolante’s 1914 Metz, Model 22 Roadster. Amazing Beauty from such an elegant era.


Here’s a Match Made in Big Jim’s License Plate Heaven !!!!

Bob Criswell’s Black 1962 Resto Mod Corvette with a New Old Stock Black & Gold Plate.
This plate was actually part of Big Jim’s Personal Collection at one time !
Bob, remember “Safety Pays”.

Thank You Larry Russell !!!


Eric Rushing’s 1966 Chevy Nova and a beautiful “327” plate matching his Engine Size


Tony Trowbridge’s Gorgeous 1967 Chevelle “396” SS with a Mint NOS “396” Plate.



Larry Russell’s Beautiful 1956 Corvette





Amy and Paul Houshoulder’s 1968 Sears 106 Gilera


Erik Bell’s 1969 Chevelle SS


Brad Wilson’s 1928 Roadster

Brad Wilson’s 1938 Harley



Eddie Tripp’s 1948 Diamond T Truck




Kevin Snyder’s Cool 1937 Ford Pickup Truck


Toby Weaver’s Fabulous 1955 Thunderbird


Another Beautiful Car Owned by Andy Wolf.

His Gorgeous 1938 Packard with an outstanding Big Jim’s 1938 Plate.


Chad Lamb’s Badass 1950 Harley Davidson




Dick Marshall’s 1964 Corvette with NOS Dealer Plate


Dick Marshall’s 1970 Chevelle with the Appropriate “454” Plate


Andy Wolf’s Beautiful 1955 Chevy

Andy, Thanks for the great time at Ducktail with my brother Jerry !!!


Jim Nolan’s 1957 and 1963 Fords

Courtesy of Jim Nolan


Here is 1 of Tim Kinslow’s awesome creations a 1951 Plymouth Suburban.

His car was featured on Hot Rod Magazines Website as a “25 of Street Rodders Top 100 Winners” from recent NSRA events.


Courtesy of Tim Kinslow


Courtesy of Tim Kinslow


Calvin Bailey’s 1956 Greyhound Bus House Car